Pocket Phylogenies (Digital Print-Out)

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Pocket Phylogenies (Digital Print-Out)

Mike Keesey
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If we evolved from apes, why are there still apes?

How can birds be a type of dinosaur?

Are mushrooms plants?

How can all life on Earth be related?

Wait ... spiders aren't insects?

Everyone has questions about evolution. Now you can carry the answers around in your pocket! Pocket Phylogenies are cards with a commonly-asked question about evolution on one side, and a diagram illustrating the answer on the other. The diagrams use silhouettes from PhyloPic, an open source for free silhouette images (http://phylopic.org).

This 8½"×11" print-out includes five card designs, with two copies of each card. Each card is the size of a standard business card, 3½"×2", so that it can fit easily into a wallet. Simply print the first two pages onto each side of a piece of card stock, and cut along the magenta crop marks. Or use a compatible pre-scored business card sheet (e.g., Avery #5371).

This PDF file also includes two pages with information about the diagram: the species depicted, who created the silhouettes, and ideas for how to explain the answer (but the final words are up to you).

Help promote scientific understanding with Pocket Phylogenies!

I want this!

A PDF file with printable cards and detail sheet (both double-sided)

Page Dimensions
8½ × 11 inches
Card Dimensions
3½ × 2 inches
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4 pages


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